AC & Heat Repair

Ac Heat Repair

Temperature plays an important role in your vehicle. Whether it is inside the cabin or under your hood, you never want to be running too hot or too cold. Certified Auto Repair understands this and is proud to offer service and repair for your vehicle’s AC, heating, and cooling systems.

Auto AC & Heat Repair

As with all the major systems and components in your vehicle, maintenance is the best way to prevent damage and failure. We recommend that you have your vehicle’s AC system serviced every year before summer sets in. During your AC service, we will inspect your system for leaks or potential damage and provide a recharge if needed.

Auto AC Repair

We understand that a working AC system in your vehicle is more than just a luxury, in the summer, it is a necessity. At Certified Auto Repair, we want to make sure that you are comfortable all year long and that means offering the best auto AC repair in Henrico.

Signs Your Vehicle’s AC & Heat are Going Out

We have already talked about the role yearly AC service plays in preventing auto air conditioning failure. But knowing the signs that trouble is brewing and that your vehicle’s AC needs to be repaired will also help keep you from turning into a sweaty mess behind the wheel.
The signs that your vehicle’s AC is going out include:

  • A foul smell coming from your air conditioner
  • The air coming from your AC can’t get cold enough to cool you down
  • Your airflow is weaker or less powerful than it used to be
  • Your vehicle’s AC is noisy
  • The dashboard is leaking
  • You have noticed refrigerant leaking from your vehicle

Being able to spot these issues means you will be able to schedule an AC repair appointment and prevent AC failure.

Auto Heat Repair

During the winter, it is hard not to appreciate the warm feeling you get behind the wheel when your heater is functioning properly. Your heater is actually connected to your vehicle’s cooling system because it takes the hot coolant taken from your engine and transfers it into the warm air that comes from your vents and keeps you toasty.

If you can’t seem to warm up when you are driving, give the professionals at Certified Auto Repair a call for automotive heater repair.

Automotive Cooling System Repair

While the temperature in the cabin of your vehicle keeps you comfortable, if your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t functioning properly it can lead to overheating and major engine damage or failure. Anytime your vehicle is overheating, we recommend that you pull over immediately and call Certified Auto Repair.

Signs Your Cooling System is in Trouble

A malfunctioning cooling system can spell big trouble for your engine and vehicle. Some of the signs it is time to have your cooling system repaired include:

  • Your engine temperature is reading hotter than usual
  • There is steam coming out from under your hood
  • Your coolant is leaking
  • The level of coolant in your radiator is low
  • The coolant in your radiator is burnt or dirty
  • You have experienced a decrease in fuel economy

If you notice any of these issues, it is imperative to your engine that you visit Certified Auto Repair immediately for coolant system repair.

For the best vehicle AC, heater, or cooling system repair in Henrico, VA contact the ASE Certified Mechanics at Certified Auto Repair today.

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