Brake Repair

Brake RepairWhen you are looking for the best brake repair in Henrico, VA, you need the ASE Certified experts at Certified Auto Repair. We are the local mechanic who truly puts your safety and satisfaction above anything else.

Brake Service Henrico, VA

The best way to keep any automotive repairs and breakdowns at bay is through preventative service and maintenance and that includes your braking system. Brake service at Certified Auto Repair includes the inspection of your brake fluid, rotors, calipers, and pads, as well as any necessary repairs.

Brake Pad Replacement

The average brake pad on the average vehicle lasts around 50,000 miles before needing to be replaced. That being said, your brake pads may need to be changed as early as 25,000 miles or they may make it all the way to 75,000 miles. This all depends on what materials your brake pads are made of, the make and model of your vehicle, and your driving, or more specifically braking, habits.

If you aren’t sure how many more miles your brake pads have left in them, schedule an inspection with our factory-trained professionals today.

Brake Repair Henrico VA

Brake repair isn’t something that should ever be messed around with or simply left to the nearest mechanic. Your brakes are crucial to the safety of your vehicle and should only be entrusted to an expert like Certified Auto Repair.

Signs of Brake Trouble

The first step in getting your brakes repaired before it is too late is knowing the signs that there is trouble in the first place. Some of the signs that your brakes are having issues include:

  • Your vehicle is pulling to the left or right when you are braking
  • There is a burning smell when you are driving
  • Your brakes are grinding, squeaking, or squealing
  • The brake pedal is soft or spongy
  • Your brake fluid is leaking
  • Your brake warning light is on
  • There has been any change in braking behavior

Brake Repair Near Me

If you have noticed any of these issues, it is time to schedule an appointment with Certified Auto Repair for brake repair today.

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