Your vehicle’s transmission has a tough job. It is responsible for taking the power from your engine and transferring it to the wheels so you can get where you need to go. Certified Auto Repair is proud to be the premier source for transmission service and transmission repair in Henrico, VA. Our dedication is to your satisfaction and keeping your transmission running smoothly for miles to come.

Transmission Flush & Service

Similar to your vehicle’s engine, your transmission has a lot of moving parts that need to be properly lubricated. Transmission fluid coats and protects your transmission to prevent friction and slow down wear and tear. Certified Auto Repair offers a comprehensive transmission service that includes the very important transmission flush.

Much like having your oil changed, you need to have your transmission flushed regularly and replaced with clean fluid. We recommend that you have your transmission flushed every 30,000 miles or every couple of years.

Having your transmission serviced and flushed on time will help you prevent transmission failure and expensive repairs.

Transmission Repair

Transmissions are complicated pieces of machinery, but they are also vital to the performance of your vehicle. Anytime your transmission needs to be repaired it should only be entrusted to a top mechanic with all the expertise and experience to deliver the results you want.

As a Tech-Net Shop, our technicians are held to the highest standards in terms of the quality of service and repairs that they provide. When you combine that with a state of the art repair facility, you get unbeatable transmission repair. And to put your mind at ease, we are happy to offer a 2 year/24,000-mile repair warranty to back up our work.

Some of the signs of transmission trouble include:

  • Your vehicle is slipping out of gear
  • There is new or added resistance when shifting
  • Grinding noises when your vehicle is changing gears
  • Your vehicle won’t move
  • There is transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle
  • Your check engine light is on
  • If you are experiencing any of these issues, get your vehicle to Certified Auto Repair so we can address the issue before it causes further damage.

Transmission Rebuild Near Me

At Certified Auto Repair, we take our transmission repair services a step further and offer transmission rebuilds. When handled by a trusted professional, rebuilding your transmission is a great option when you have more complicated issues.

Whether you are overdue for a transmission flush or your transmission is giving you major trouble, contact Certified Auto Repair today to schedule your next appointment.

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