Vehicle diagnostic testing has been a game-changer in the auto repair industry. It allows mechanics to diagnose and repair vehicle trouble faster than ever saving you money and time waiting for your vehicle. If you are looking for the most accurate vehicle diagnostics in Henrico, VA, you need Certified Auto Repair.

Check Engine Light

Modern-day vehicles have the benefit of an advanced computer system that connects and controls the major components and systems of your vehicle. It also scans those systems looking for problems or malfunctions. When it detects even a minor issue, it alerts you by way of the check engine light.

So what should you do if yours is on? First of all, don’t ignore it. That won’t make it go away. Second, don’t panic. It could be a minor repair.

Anytime that your check engine light is on, we recommend that you come by Certified Auto Repair for diagnostic testing so we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and plan for how to fix it.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Your check engine light isn’t the only dashboard light that your onboard computer uses to alert you to trouble. Some of the other lights that may be on your dashboard include:

  • Brake Warning Light
  • Oil Pressure Light
  • Tire Pressure Light
  • ABS Light
  • Engine Temperature Warning Light
  • Battery Charge Warning Light

Vehicle Diagnostic Testing

It is a common misconception that today’s diagnostic technology immediately spits out the answer after a scan is performed. The truth is that the results of a diagnostic scan only tell you the location of the problem. After that, it is up to an expert mechanic like Certified Auto Repair to take that information and perform a thorough inspection and accurate diagnosis.

With the diagnostic scan acting as a road map, your mechanic is able to spend less time poking around and have a better chance of getting to the bottom of the problem. At Certified Auto Repair we have all the experience and technology for everything from air bag diagnostics to vehicle module programming. When it comes to your vehicle’s computer system, you need the team of diagnostic and programming experts at Certified Auto Repair.

When to Get Diagnostic Testing

The easy answer to this question is, “Anytime your check engine light or another dashboard warning light is on.” But we also recommend that you have your diagnostics checked anytime that your vehicle is behaving differently or when you are having your vehicle serviced.

Diagnostic testing in these instances allows your mechanic to get a good look at your vehicle’s major systems and components for any signs of potential trouble so you can get the necessary repairs and prevent further damage.

For the most accurate vehicle diagnostic testing in Henrico, VA, come see the experts at Certified Auto Repair.

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